Red berry harmony

in collaboration with Cose della Natura

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Description This idea comes from our love of our land and seas but, first and foremost, from people who try and believe in what they have to offer. We were won over by this harmony, discovering how the merger of each individual component enhances and emphasises the benefits and properties each time it is used.
A partnership resulting from the encounter between two Italian companies with a shared vision: to offer you the best in what nature gifts us!
RED BERRY MICELLAR SOLUTION by Biofficina Toscana to cleanse the face and eye contour area, alcohol-free and recommended even for the most sensitive skin types. It contains Rubiox® (a bioliquefaction made with a blend of red berries from the Tuscan hills), cornflower water, panthenol, organic mint extract and gentle plant-based surfactants.
FINE SILK SEA SPONGE by Cose della Natura with a velvety-soft texture, naturally hypoallergenic and antiseptic, with detoxifying and purifying sea iodine.

Suggested use apply the micellar solution onto a damp Fine Silk sea sponge and wring out until a soft foam forms, then wipe over your face to remove make-up and impurities, leaving your skin cool, soothed and moisturised. Wash the sponge thoroughly after use and leave to dry!


€ 12,21


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