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By combining the fruits of our land with the ideas, principles and passions that drive us, we created Biofficina Toscana, a line of certified eco-friendly organic cosmetics which join innovation and craftsmanship with nature and science. Continuous research is one of our founding values, together with the pursuit of "0-km" locally-sourced products to use the best our land has to offer thanks to the finest Tuscan ingredients, with a view to producing a product that is environmentally friendly throughout the entire production process.

We are are a workshop of ideas and formulas for innovative, organic products deeply rooted in Tuscany.

We have every confidence in our path, and in our team spirit.

We believe in developing cosmetics that are ethical as well as having a low environmental impact.

We wish to develop our principles and our particular assets transparently, to obtain growing appreciation of our brand.

A human dimension and…
populated by women!

A family story: which started with two young women and developed in a family dimension, with a synergy of ideas, backgrounds, different yet complementary energies.

Starting from scratch: we started from scratch (a garage used as a warehouse and some excel spreadsheets instead of an ERP…). We have grown with time, every single step has had and continues to have an important value!

A young team: we are a young, dynamic team, and each team member is extremely important.

An open business model: we believe that a workshop of ideas is the key to achieving major results and that working with passion truly makes the difference! We consider everyone’s ideas and believe in the work our team does, leaving the utmost discretion to our every collaborator.

Women as leaders: the founders, Eva and Claudia, are two young women; the first new recruit was a very young woman, and the majority of collaborators are women... for creative female cosmetics that nevertheless show no shortage of the more rational male part!

Customisation: we take everything to heart! We take painstaking care with all products, from their concept to the pursuit of the finest ingredients to their formulation and subsequent communication. Our products are therefore our creations!

Training and information
for sustainability

Product communication: we believe in properly communicating our products and the business behind making them to consumers and retailers using a variety of tools: information material, training events, and articles on the Biofficina Toscana blog. Those who know about and believe in what they do are aware of the importance of conveying it to others!

Information about eco-friendly organic cosmetics: we support the development of information about eco-friendly organic cosmetics by collaborating on several university dissertations on the matter. We come from the university world, and we enjoy working with students and believe that knowledge and training are the foundations for all progress!

“Think global act local”
Patrick Geddes

“Caring about the environment is not a movement or ideology. It is the next step in our evolution.”
Daniel Goleman

Eva Casagli
Marketing & Communication
Sergio D'Alfonso
Alessandra Valli
Executive support
Cristina Tei
Marketing & Communication
Claudia Lami
Research & Development
Nicola Filardi
IT & Social Media
Francesco Lami
and Analysis
Aurora Fe
Executive support
Elisabetta Liso
Buyer & Buyer Analyst
Sara Pianigiani
Research & Development