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Relaxing, with organic Tuscan lavender

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Description A combination of essential aromatherapy oils for regenerative sleep and a relaxing atmosphere.

Sweet orange: according to aromatherapy, it brings joy and happiness, eradicating fears, pessimism, combats apathy and resignation; it is a useful remedy for those who are unable to find their path or to recognise their potential. It provides comfort, relief and inner peace.

Melissa: according to aromatherapy, it balances the mind; it contrasts psychosomatic reactions to anxiety and depression. An excellent anti-stress, it lowers and slows down breathing and the heart rate. It eradicates nightmares, nervous episodes, hysteria, emotional exasperation and memory deficits.

Juniper: according to aromatherapy, it provides a pleasant sense of security, strength and protection. It combats fear and anxiety, improving self-esteem. It is an effective anti-stress, keeping away worries and fear of failure. It purifies the mind.

Green mandarin: according to aromatherapy, it provides valid support to the nervous system, soothing tension and combating stress. It fights irritability and nervousness and is recommended against concern and agitation.

Camomile extract: with calming, relaxing and refreshing properties, encouraging restful and regenerative sleep.

Suggested use Spray over your pillow before you go to bed to encourage a peaceful and regenerative night’s sleep
To be used in combination with the other products in the Chrono Beauty line for optimum results (Supreme two-phase serum, Bedside cream, Energising face mist and Lift up eye contour treatment).

Active ingredients Organic lavender hydrolat

Ingredients Lavender, Lavandula Angustifolia, Ext., (R)-P-Menta-1,8-Diene, (S)-P-Mentha1,8-Diene.

*from organic agriculture

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